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Unani system of medicine was originated from Greece. It is a form of traditional medicine practiced in middle east & south asian countries. Hippocrote (460- 370 BC) taught first time about Unani medicine. In India Unani system of medicine was introduced by Arabs.An outstanding physician Hakim Ajmal Khan (1868-1927) gave indispensible contribution to Unani System in india & initiated systematic research in the field of Unani medicine. Unani system of medicine infact is the “SCIENCE OF LIFE” provide practical knowledge about function & structure of Human Physiology, the cause of disease and the action of herbal drugs.

The Govt. of India has recognized the importance of Indian System of Medicine and set up Central Council of Indian Medicine (C.C.l.M.) as a statutory body constituted by Indian Medical Central Council Act 1970. C.C.I.M. comes under the supervision of Ministry of Ayush Uttaranchal Unani Medical College & Hospital (UUMCH) has estobilished with the prime objective to exploit India’s vast Unani potential by offering B.U.M.S. and other Paramedical Courses such as Ayurved Nursing, Ayurved Pharmacy, Unani Pharmacy & Panchkarma. The college is on autonomous institution committed to deliver quality education. UUMCH confirm it’s commitment to build a learning society in which every student has a opportunity to fulfill his/her Potential, building a worthwhile career in medicine.

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